A link to the PDF can be found here: BGSA Constitution 2013



            The name of this organization shall be the Biology Graduate Student Association of East Carolina University, herein referred to as BGSA.




            The purpose of the Biology Graduate Student Association of East Carolina University is to promote professional development in biological research and education, and to facilitate communication between its members and the University community.



Active Membership

Section 1: Any graduate student pursuing a degree within the Department of Biology, the Interdisciplinary Program in the Biological Sciences, or other degree seeking students under a mentor in the Department of Biology shall be considered an active member upon completion of the following:


A: Active members must pay annual dues of $20.00 within 30 days of the first meeting of the Fall semester. Payment options can be made available on an individual basis at the discretion of the current President and Treasurer.


A-1: Students entering the graduate program in the Spring semester may pay their dues of $20.00 within 30 days of the first Spring meeting.

B: Active members must register and account with the BGSA OrgSync website within 30 days of the first meeting.


C: Active members must attend general assembly meetings monthly.


C-1: General assembly will meet on the first Monday of every month during the Fall and Spring semesters.


C-2: Members are allowed to have one unexcused absence. The executive board will determine if an absence will be considered excused on an individual basis.


Section 2: BGSA will not unlawfully or illegally discriminate against any one person or group.



Funding Eligibility

Section 1: To be eligible for funding one must meet the requirements of active membership as described in ARTICLE THREE.


Section 2: An active member must attend a total of six seminars each semester.

A: Seminars that may be attended for credit are limited to those hosted by the Department of Biology, Research-in-Progress (RIP) and interdisciplinary program in the biological sciences.

A-1: Hiring candidate seminars that are hosted by the Biology Department may also be attended for credit.


B: Members must sign-in at each seminar to receive credit for attendance.


Section 3: An active member must participate in at least one fundraising event, per semester, hosted by the BGSA.


Section 4: An active member must participate in at least one philanthropic event, per semester, hosted by the BGSA.



Point System 

Section 1: Attendance at events will earn an active member one point.


A: Points are awarded to active members who attend seminars (listed in Article 4) along with philanthropic events and fundraising events hosted by the BGSA.


Section 2: Each active member must meet the eight point requirement to be eligible for funding (see Article 4).


Section 3: Funding will be dispersed among the top 60% of point earning active members who have met the minimum funding eligibility requirements (see Article 3 and 4).


Section 4: Members of the executive board (see Article 6) will be awarded two points per year for their service; GPSS and faculty representatives will be awarded one point each.

A: Assigned committee/event chairs appointed by the executive board will be awarded one point.


Section 5: Points will be evaluated on an annual basis.




Section 1: The BGSA executive board shall consist of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Historian; elected representatives shall be Graduate Professional Student Senate (GPSS) Representative and Faculty/Staff Representative.


Section 2: A Parliamentarian shall be elected at the discretion of the President.


Section 3: Election of officers and representatives for the subsequent year shall be held at the first general assembly in January. If a current office becomes vacant, a special election shall be held to fill the position for the remainder of the current term.


Section 4: Nominations for officer and representative positions shall be submitted to the current Secretary, in writing, at the last meeting of the Fall semester. During a period of one week from this assembly, nominees may decline or accept their nominations.


Section 6: All officers shall serve a one-year term expiring March of the Spring semester.




Ex-officio Members 

            Section 1: The Dean and Associate Dean of the Graduate School, the BGSA Advisor, the BGSA Faculty Liaison, the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Experiences, as well as the Director of Student Experiences shall be ex-officio members of BGSA.


Section 2: The faculty liaison shall be a faculty volunteer approved by the executive board (see Duties of Officers).



Section 1: Amendments to the BGSA constitution may be proposed by any members.


Section 2: Amendments must be proposed in writing and submitted at a regularly scheduled meeting.


Section 3: Proposed amendments shall be adopted during a BGSA meeting.


Section 4: Amendments to the constitution must be made by a two-thirds vote of present active members.




Section 1: Duties of the President


  1. The President shall preside at BGSA meetings and shall, in conjunction with the members of BGSA, take appropriate action to fulfill and promote the purposes of the organization
  2. The President shall serve as the BGSA correspondent to the Graduate Student Body, faculty, and administration.
  3. The President is also a member of all internal BGSA committees.
  4. The President shall attend monthly Graduate Professional Student Senate (GPSS) meetings.
  5. The President shall be responsible for the maintenance and enforcement of the constitution.


Section 2: Duties of the Vice President

  1. The Vice President shall preside at BGSA meetings in the absence of the President and shall serve as the President if the president resigns or is otherwise unable to serve, pending election to fill vacancy.
  2. The Vice President shall fulfill the duties of the president, bearing all responsibilities and privileges, in the president’s absence on all designated committees.
  3. The Vice President shall serve as a liaison of all BGSA committees and oversee all reports compiled by committee chairs.


Section 3: Duties of the Treasurer


  1. The Treasurer shall be responsible for designing the BGSA budget in conjunction with the BGSA Executive Board.
  2. The Treasurer shall collect and approve budget requests and reimbursements in conjunction with the President for approval of the BGSA Executive Board.
  3. The Treasurer shall serve as the liaison between BGSA and the Student Organization Funding Office.
  4. The Treasurer shall prepare the annual funding packet for the BGSA to submit to the GPSS for annual funding approval.
  5. The Treasurer shall attend monthly Graduate Professional Student Senate (GPSS) meetings.


Section 4: Duties of the Secretary


  1. The Secretary shall maintain an accurate record of all organization meetings and post/e-mail minutes to the active members of the BGSA.
  2. The Secretary shall notify members of the place and time of upcoming meetings and events.
  3. The Secretary will compile sign-up sheets for meeting and events.
  4. The Secretary shall maintain the membership e-mail directory.


Section 5: Duties of the Historian


  1. The Historian shall update and maintain the BGSA website.
  2. The Historian shall update and maintain the BGSA bulletin board in the Department of Biology.
  3. The Historian shall update and maintain the BGSA OrgSync account.
  4. The Historian shall take photos at all BGSA and Department of Biology events.


Section 6: Duties of Faculty Liaison


  1. The Faculty Liaison shall serve as a representative of the BGSA at faculty meetings.
  2. The Faculty Liaison shall possess a list of BGSA events from previous years to provide guidance and continuity to the newly elected executive board.
  3. The Faculty Liaison shall serve one-year terms that expires in March of the Spring semester.
  4. The Faculty Liaison may serve multiple consecutive terms.




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