Active Membership

Requirements for Active Membership:

1) Dues: Dues of $20 must be paid by the end of the first month of the academic year. If you enter as a graduate student in the spring semester, dues must be paid within thirty (30) days of the beginning of the semester.

2) Philanthropic events: You must take part in one (1) philanthropic event per semester.

3) Fundraising events: You must take part in one (1) fundraising event per semester.

4) Seminars: You must attend six (6) seminars per semester.

5) Monthly Meetings: You must have no more than one (1) unexcused absence from the monthly meetings. Excused absences are decided at the discretion of the executive cabinet.

Benefits of Active Membership:

1) Automatic invitation to social events

2) Automatic invitation to monthly meetings (where there’s free food!)

3) Possibility to receive funding from BGSA for travel: You must be in the top 60% of point earners on the previous semester. For more information on the point system, please refer to the constitution.


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